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"The new Game"
Combination of Snooker and Football
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Snookball Amazing Facts

    It is a hybrid game that combines billiard and soccer together
    Played on a oversized table that is 3.3 by 6.6 meters
    Has 2 variations the game of 8 and the game of 9
    The soccer balls used are of size 3 and size 4 balls
weighted cue ball and non-weighted colored ballsPlay 

All sizes, 2, 3, 4, 5 available for Poolballs
Size 5 , ball circumference 68 - 70 cm

Size 4 , ball circumference 64 - 66 cm

Size 3 , ball circumference 60 - 61 cm

Size 2 , ball circumference 49 - 51 cm


Poolball is crazy fun because you get to kick the soccer balls into pockets on a giant sized pool table!
Snookball is latest family entertainment that 
gathers football fanatics and pool players of 
all ages under one roof ...
Snookball," a hybrid between snooker and soccer
Snookball is also known as soccer pool as the 
pool balls are soccer ball size.
Billiard with your feet on a giant table
A Complete set of snookball, including the "Cue Ball" 
A Complete set of Billiard Soccer Balls


Snookball is a combination of soccer and billiards! You use your technical skills to put spin on the ball and do trick shots with your feet. 
This game looks very addictive !!


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Snookball is one of the most popular game in the world.
This all-time-favorite sport should be played with the perfect soccer ball.

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